Loose Thoughts on the Next Novel

Market research has determined that Jeff is the most widely trusted name in business. Thus, each employee, upon achieving upper management status at TacoRiffic, is given a new name. My name is Jeff Casaba Melon. I work in product development. You might not think that there is much need for product development at TacoRiffic, but … Continue reading Loose Thoughts on the Next Novel

Nobody. Eats. In the bathroom.

I put on a mid-price suit, tie the tie into a double Windsor, visit a local supermercado, and buy three dozen sombreros. They are kind enough to stack them, box them, and carry them to the car. I drive to the Bonsai Burrito and go inside to meet the shift manager, whose name it turns … Continue reading Nobody. Eats. In the bathroom.

Being a Middle Aged Man Is Lonely

Being a middle aged man is some lonely shit. There is nowhere to make friends anymore, and the people you socialize with are usually work colleagues or neighbors, whose relationships with you prohibit the disclosure of revealing, intimate, or even merely controversial information. In a very real sense your existence is defined by your ability … Continue reading Being a Middle Aged Man Is Lonely