The Right-Wing Outrage about Leaving Afghanistan

In light of our recent withdrawal from Afghanistan, I feel like I need to point out a few things. First, I am dedicated to making sure that the world never forgets the following facts:

Afghanistan never attacked us, only some fundamentalist jerks, some of whom were from Afghanistan.

We had run out of targets to Bomb by day three. That is, the country was pretty much in the Bronze Age, and we bombed it back to the Stone Age.

This created and/or perpetuated conditions for #Taliban rule and was used as a #recruitment tool by #AlQaeda.

That the war,  by the way, was unconstitutional and that #GeorgeWBush lied further  to expand the war to Iraq.

That they said there were weapons of mass destruction, that the war would pay for itself via oil revenues, and that we would be greeted as liberators. None of which happened.

That they never had an exit strategy and ignored all intelligence reports that contradicted them(which was pretty much ALL OF THEM that did not come.from the task force that #DickCheney personally convened to cherry pick the intelligence that they needed to justify their war).

That #CondoleezaRice went on record to say that they never came up with an exit strategy because they were afraid that if they planned an exit it would encourage them to have a war they didn’t really want to have.

That’s something my 8 year old is too smart to say.

And #FoxNews, #Rightwingpundits, and #GOP #Republicans stood by every bit of this and swallowed whatever shit was funneled down their throats

so they could prop up the lie that they are strong on defense and the party of the #military.

9/11 happened under #GeorgeWBush and #OsamabinLadin was killed under #Obama.

I can’t recall an single thing #Republicans have been right about in the #MiddleEast in 70 years.

So please spare me your outrage and commentary.

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