On Cancel Culture

I blocked someone today because he seems incapable of conversation.

Here is someone who so often bemoans political correctness, champions free speech, boasts of his brilliant independent mind, and reminds us all that leftists and liberals are fascist authoritarians, etc….

Yet the second someone posts an off-color remark HE finds personally objectionable, he is all over it with 1. assumptions 2. personal attacks and 3. generalizations about entire political parties, all while insulting people and never advancing a coherent argument.

Then he popped into my inbox to tell me some more what a liberal pussy I am.

The difference between the joke someone made on my page and and so called “political correctness” is this: The joker on my page was pointing to ignorant behavior (ie. People refusing to get vaccinated or wear masks) and saying, I hope they all die of Covid.

In poor taste, sure, but who doesn’t ruefully respect kharma and Darwin?

The thing that “PC” rails against is prejudicial language used against people just because of who they are, not because of the choices they have made.

So to anyone of you great free thinking edgelords out there who want to step into me on this, check your privilege, check your hypocrisy, and check your history. Because none of you fuckers is saying anything Rush Limbaugh did not say against his own STRAWMAN of PC back in 1988. It was racist and supported elitist, white supremacist aims then, and it does the same now.

Your free thought has had thirty years to come up with new arguments, and you haven’t got shit, so please spare me your fucking brilliance.

PS. If you use the language of QANON idiots and rightwing racists, don’t be surprised if people think you are who you say you are.

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