The Two-Headed Lady at the End of the World will be published in late 2021 or early 2022

Want to be one of my advanced readers?

Let me know, and you will be one of the first to read this epic love story about conjoined twins and the men who love them, two soldiers stranded in a long-forgotten underground bunker, and a sentient CPU who falls for a Pentagon fax machine.

Amanda and Miranda Morgan are run of the mill twins in East Texas, navigating the trials and tribulations of teen romance in the 80s. But what starts as Sweet Valley High turns into Dr. Strangelove when the secret government particle collider project beneath their family farm has an incident, permanently conjoining them. Now the world seems twice as complicated. Will they end up with Pierce, the likable jock? Jack, the mysterious loner? Neither? Or will Miranda’s forays into polyamory allow them to keep them both?

Meanwhile, Joe and Buck are stationed in an underground bunker for 30 years without contact with the outside world. As they gradually realize their feelings for one another, they question the importance of their mission and realize that with each other, they have everything they need. But the CPU of their module has become sentient, and without the Cold War, feels bereft of meaning. He tries to find love with a fax machine at the Pentagon, but his attempts to woo her are ignored. He hatches a desperate plan to use the particle collider to return the world to the cold war so he can complete his mission of mutually assured destruction.

The Morgan Twins grow to adulthood, travel the world, tangle with spies, start successful businesses, uncover an international terrorist organization, unwittingly date foot fetishists, realize they have contradictory taste in men, and have to decide between new affections and lost loves. They return to their tiny hometown for their 30th high school reunion just as the CPU has unleashed its plan to plunge the world into the 80s once and for all. Will they find love before the nukes are launched? This is a romance hotter than a thousand suns.

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