We Do

I drop my kids off at school, come home, realize I need to run inside and make out with my wife before leaving for work, realize we have trust and love, and that that is an amazing accomplishment considering the universe has no real reason to exist.

I ask who she is chatting with, and she smiles, and I say happy hunting, tigress, and she smiles back and says I trust and love you, and I say I was just thinking the same thing.

But what does it mean? Does that just mean we promise not to fall in love with someone else? Because that isn’t it. She says, I expect you to fall in love with other people, I want you to fall in love with other people. But we say it together, Nothing can jeopardize this.

There’s not a chance. I just dropped these boys off at school, and they are the sum total of all my hopes and fears. And she made them inside of her and gave them to us, and she brings me coffee, and we always know that we have each other’s back, and the world spins beneath me, and it feels like I might fly off sometimes, but she holds me here, and I hold her here, and all is well between us. We are connected umbilically to our us-ness, and there is no reason for us to exist but we do.

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